Mindfully, bringing more ease into life.

Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy

When times are tough, life can feel confusing and sometimes overwhelming. Talking with a psychotherapist can help ease these feelings and together we will find ways to navigate your challenges.

Mindfulness-based psychotherapy integrates Buddhist psychology and western psychotherapeutic practices. In a Mindfulness-based psychotherapy session we talk through material that is relevant to you and I will encourage you to be aware of your experience throughout, noticing your sensations, your feelings and your emotions. This level of awareness helps you to understand how you are with different emotions.

This form of psychotherapy tends to be longer-term as we address our deep-rooted habitual patterns.

I am registered with UKCP as a Trainee Psychotherapist and am a Senior Student of Core Process Psychotherapy at Karuna Institute in Devon.

During the Covid-19 crisis I am offering sessions via Zoom or a landline and have day time and evening slots available.

Why Mindfulness-based psychotherapy?

Mindfulness-based psychotherapy is rooted in the Buddhist understanding that living mindfully increases our ability to participate fully, with awareness in the present moment.

Awareness increases our ability to experience everything life offers us, rather than being fearful or overwhelmed by life. Present moment awareness deepens our own personal connection and helps us to form healthy relationships.

Mindfulness-based psychotherapy develops your capacity to be with difficult emotions and therefore create the possibility for changing how you react.

“Awareness does not carry anything with it – no judgment, no control, no resistance. Awareness is not involved with results, it simply sheds the light of wisdom and love.” Tony Packer

Booking An Appointment

Sessions are currently low-cost.

During Covid-19 I have online daytime and evening slots available.

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