Improving wellbeing mindfully.


Psychotherapy is a talking therapy between the therapist and the client. It promotes good mental health and overall wellbeing. Sharing and talking through difficult or troubling times with a psychotherapist will help you face the day with more positivity and will improve your overall wellbeing. The sessions also provide support during difficult times and together, we navigate your challenges in the hope of creating more ease in your life.

I am registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapy, UKCP, as a Psychotherapist in training and am a Senior Student of Core Process Psychotherapy at Karuna Institute in Devon. I have a diploma in Relational Psychology from Karuna Institute also.

I am offering face-to-face sessions in the Banbury area and in Oxford and am also working on Zoom.

Why Mindfulness-based psychotherapy?

Mindfulness-based psychotherapy develops our capacity to be with difficult emotions and increases our ability to change how we react to them. By developing our awareness we can experience everything life has to offer, rather than feeling fearful or overwhelmed by it.

In a Mindfulness-based psychotherapy session we talk through material that is relevant to you and I will encourage you to be aware of your experience throughout. This awareness deepens your personal connection and helps to form healthy relationships.

“Awareness does not carry anything with it – no judgment, no control, no resistance. Awareness is not involved with results, it simply sheds the light of wisdom and love.” Tony Packer

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